Herbal Consultation

Available at Norcross & Buford Offices



Alternative medicine treatment options are designed using your body’s unique requirements. Instead of selecting an herbal supplement off the shelf, our health care provider and acupuncturist, Henry Park, develops a unique blend of herbs to meet your individual needs. Our herbal formulas are placed into a capsule that you take to bring your body into balance.  Herbal remedies improve the health of your body and mind by working with your strengths and improving your weaknesses. At Acupuncture Healing & Wellness, LLC, we invite residents of Norcross, Buford and the surrounding areas to invest in their health the natural way. Our health team wants you to live life at your best and encourages you to reach all of your health and wellness goals. Our healing focus lies in acupuncture and Chinese medicine to align your body naturally.


Your First Herbal Consultation 

Henry Park meets with you to understand your health history and your health symptoms. By obtaining a complete record of your past health concerns, Henry Park is able to evaluate your current condition and help you avoid future illnesses and struggles. Some of the conditions that herbal remedies are useful for include skin challenges, infertility, congestion, depression and infections. We use the natural base of the herbs to boost your body’s overall wellness and also to target specific needs. Henry Park listens to your wellness goals to understand which symptoms you are seeking to eliminate and in which areas you want to see improvements. He may also look at your tongue, your skin and check your heart rate for a better understanding of how your body is functioning. 


Herbal Remedies Designed for Unique Needs

After your evaluation, Henry Park develops a personalized herbal supplement for your needs. As you progress through your herbal care, adjustments are made to your specific formula when needed. Your body becomes stronger and healthier and over time the herbal remedies are changed. Unlike medications in which you may be required to use them continuously, herbal remedies are designed to be used for a short duration until your body returns to balance. Plus, the side effects from herbal remedies are few leaving your body free to heal and grow strong. Henry Park may suggest a combination of acupuncture and herbal consultations to meet your needs. As your condition improves, your care plan is modified. In addition to these techniques, Henry Park may also show you exercises to enhance your well-being and may make nutritional suggestions to support your needs. Our goal is to bring your body back into a harmonious state. At Acupuncture Healing & Wellness, LLC, we do this using natural methods and your body’s ability to restore itself. 

Herbal remedies have few side effects and are an effective option to boost your health.




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